Christian Resources

These are resources that members of our congregation are currently using to help in their daily Christian life.  We do not sell them but recommend these resources for all who are seeking to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Act Like An E- Christian

    This devotional, based on the book of Acts, was written by Pastor Floyd Hughes, to inspire Christians at every level to return to our evangelical roots of sharing the Gospel.  In this devotional, Pastor Floyd lays out how we can prayerfully engage with those in our circles of influence to share the love the love of Christ with them, show the love of Christ to them, and as the Holy Spirit leads, invite them to be recipients of Christ's amazing love.  This book is is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle

  • One Year Chronological bible

    This Bible is a great resource to help those wanting to read the Bible more. Our congregation is currently finishing one year of reading through this Bible together.  This Bible is available on Amazon